Animal Rescue Foundation – IL (ARF) is a NO-kill, non-profit animal rescue organization established in 1985. We are an all volunteer based group dedicated to finding loving homes for the abandoned and abused animals of our community. Animals waiting for adoption are in temporary care homes licensed by the state of Illinois.   ARF frequently will take in the animals that other rescue groups will not because the animal needs additional medical attention.  This is part of our philosophy in rescue.  We rescue healthy animals and adopt them out to loving homes in order to have the funding available to help the ones that are not so perfect.  You’ll witness our dedication to the not so perfect animals when you see a dog listed on our website who was given a second chance in life by having his badly injured leg amputated or his heartworm disease treated or a kitten who would not survive unless it had a great deal of medical attention.  This philosophy also means the animal will need to spend additional time in a temporary care home and fortunately we have great volunteers who are willing to take this extra time for the animal.

ARF receives NO government funding.  Private donations, as well as adoption fees, keep ARF prepared to help animals in need. ARF is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States so any donation you make may be tax deductible.   Because ARF is a strictly volunteer based group we are always in need of additional dedicated volunteers. In particular, we need people who will open their homes to an abandoned puppy, dog, cat or kitten and provide them with the TLC they need until they get to their forever home; ARF provides the rest!